The year is 2227, and interstellar travel has just become affordable for small startups. Join Wanda Otis and her semi-professional crew of merchants as they travel a galaxy of uncontacted planets, humanoid pets, casual nudity, and not a lot of razors.


kay(f)Ayurisan(t)ap(t)vlir(t)sung(b)es(p)u(t)vom(b)e(f)yam(t)ack(t)vlim(p)kay(f)ga(f) published on 2 Comments on kay(f)Ayurisan(t)ap(t)vlir(t)sung(b)es(p)u(t)vom(b)e(f)yam(t)ack(t)vlim(p)kay(f)ga(f)

To reach a wider audience, I have decided to translate Ayuri into other languages. From now on, the Kay(f)bop(t) version will post on Sundays.