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Character evolution

Character evolution published on No Comments on Character evolution

In honor of Ayuri turning 2, I figured I'd do a quick comparison of how the character designs and art style have changed.

As a bonus, I've included some concept art I did the first time I was going to start up the comic, in 2014. I'm not sure Nal and Nilje really count as the same character, but whatever. They're both the Ayuri's mechanic.


Let’s try and make a profit

Let’s try and make a profit published on 1 Comment on Let’s try and make a profit

This is the first one I’ve drawn since I actually saw the ocean. Hopefully it looks a bit less lake-like now.

Also, I feel that Giezh is making up for my first two dobek appearances: his own accidental censorship, and Trudel’s horribly contorted “happy dog” face.

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