Fenna Otis is Wanda’s wife. Her species is a form of parasitic fungus, that inhabits a non-sapient humanoid known as a dobek. The yellow markings on her host’s head are the points where she is near the surface.


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I hadn’t realized just what the height difference between these two was until I drew them together (even though Vicki and Tanja are the same height…). I’m kind of dreading all the interactions I have between upcoming characters Kyaye (150cm/4’11”) and Domro (210cm/7″).

Space Nomads

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In the initial scene list, I had Vicki go along with. Then I realized that I can’t really set her up as having a safer, more stable life and have willing and able to go on this mission with no advanced warning. Speaking of first drafts, Vicki and Bryn actually made it to the first… Continue reading Space Nomads