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Kazin published on No Comments on Kazin

I was reading through my old strips to prepare for writing the next chapter, and thought that maybe putting all those buttons on a one-armed character's shirt wasn't the best idea. Then I did some research, and found it wasn't really that unrealistic.

I drew this based on this video, but after finishing I thought to look up something specific to smaller shirt buttons (and from someone with a stump to work with) and found this. Maybe I'll have him do it that way if he shows up again (and I show him getting dressed for some reason.)

Trudel Bathtime

Trudel Bathtime published on No Comments on Trudel Bathtime

A group I’m in on DeviantArt regularly has art contests. The current theme is showering, so I figured I’d make a submission.

Also, I just spent most of the day figuring out how to get this to work after running into the apparently infamous “HTML error” when trying to upload it. I ended up using the “Add From Server” plugin.

Hopefully the error will go away as mysteriously as it came.

Character evolution

Character evolution published on No Comments on Character evolution

In honor of Ayuri turning 2, I figured I'd do a quick comparison of how the character designs and art style have changed.

As a bonus, I've included some concept art I did the first time I was going to start up the comic, in 2014. I'm not sure Nal and Nilje really count as the same character, but whatever. They're both the Ayuri's mechanic.


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