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The year is 2227, and interstellar travel has just become affordable for small startups. Join Wanda Otis and her semi-professional crew of merchants as they travel a galaxy of uncontacted planets, humanoid pets, wildmen, and casual nudity.

Really, it’s Okay

Really, it’s Okay published on 1 Comment on Really, it’s Okay

I was going to give Nilje’s cousin Havja here full-blown alopecia universalis, but it’s hard enough giving Saye and Fenna good expressions without eyebrows. I didn’t want to try with those beady little weyn eyes.

Also, I would like to apologize to my reader(s) for the first ever late strip. I prided myself on never missing an update, even through weddings, road trips, and hard drive crashes. I was so close to the five-year mark, too…

Finally getting psychiatric help is mostly good, but actually having other concerns in my life does take up some time. (And I think the honeymoon period on my antidepressants just ended, though I’m still better than I was for the first 4.5 years I was making this.)

Pounding the Pavement

Pounding the Pavement published on 1 Comment on Pounding the Pavement

I got a critique video from Brookes Eggleston’s Patreon between the pencils and inks on this.

I added a little more detail on the hair, and calming down on the shading. Among other things, next week I’ll try to do the second part of that last one: using the time saved to do an establishing shot.

I’m surprised at how good the new shading looks. With how I’ve been adding to it over the years, I didn’t think cell-shading would work. The style needs refinement, but it adds a bit of crispness I’ve always wanted.

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