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Nilje (pronounced nill-yeh) Voenyr (venn-ear, but with your lips rounded on the e) is the ship’s mechanic, who handles both hardware and software issues when they arise.

I’m back

I’m back published on 1 Comment on I’m back

So… That was quite the hiatus. A friend pointed out that the last post was me talking about my depression, and then I just disappear for a few months. So… just FYI, things are actually pretty good.

The main reason I didn’t have time to continue the comic was that I had started dating, and then later I was busy moving in with my then girlfriend (now wife. I know, it was fast, but what can I say? Things just clicked.) But now I’m settled in enough to start things up again!

Really, it’s Okay

Really, it’s Okay published on 1 Comment on Really, it’s Okay

I was going to give Nilje’s cousin Havja here full-blown alopecia universalis, but it’s hard enough giving Saye and Fenna good expressions without eyebrows. I didn’t want to try with those beady little weyn eyes.

Also, I would like to apologize to my reader(s) for the first ever late strip. I prided myself on never missing an update, even through weddings, road trips, and hard drive crashes. I was so close to the five-year mark, too…

Finally getting psychiatric help is mostly good, but actually having other concerns in my life does take up some time. (And I think the honeymoon period on my antidepressants just ended, though I’m still better than I was for the first 4.5 years I was making this.)

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