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Kazin published on No Comments on Kazin

I was reading through my old strips to prepare for writing the next chapter, and thought that maybe putting all those buttons on a one-armed character's shirt wasn't the best idea. Then I did some research, and found it wasn't really that unrealistic.

I drew this based on this video, but after finishing I thought to look up something specific to smaller shirt buttons (and from someone with a stump to work with) and found this. Maybe I'll have him do it that way if he shows up again (and I show him getting dressed for some reason.)

Trudel Bathtime

Trudel Bathtime published on No Comments on Trudel Bathtime

A group I’m in on DeviantArt regularly has art contests. The current theme is showering, so I figured I’d make a submission.

Also, I just spent most of the day figuring out how to get this to work after running into the apparently infamous “HTML error” when trying to upload it. I ended up using the “Add From Server” plugin.

Hopefully the error will go away as mysteriously as it came.

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