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Fenna Otis is Wanda’s wife. Her species is a form of parasitic fungus, that inhabits a non-sapient humanoid known as a dobek. The yellow markings on her host’s head are the points where she is near the surface.

Let’s do this

Let’s do this published on No Comments on Let’s do this

So I figured when writing this that I’d want some low-gravity scenes. At first I was going to have it be on an asteroid about the size of Ceres. Then I looked it up and found out that the escape velocity there is less than a normal human walking speed. So I upped it to just over Pluto-sized, and that’s were the “you can’t jump into orbit” line comes from.


Flashback published on No Comments on Flashback

This was supposed to be the first instance of full frontal (well, lateral) nudity in the comic. But then there wasn’t enough room at the top of the image for a text box. So now it looks like Ayuri is censored. Oh well, I’ll plan these out better in the future.

Well, last Ayuri strip of the the year. Any thoughts on the series so far?

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