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Giezh is Fenna’s family’s pet dobek, who is a few years older than she is. He is named after a kind of tropical fruit found on Ennai.

Let’s try and make a profit

Let’s try and make a profit published on 1 Comment on Let’s try and make a profit

This is the first one I’ve drawn since I actually saw the ocean. Hopefully it looks a bit less lake-like now.

Also, I feel that Giezh is making up for my first two dobek appearances: his own accidental censorship, and Trudel’s horribly contorted “happy dog” face.


Flashback published on No Comments on Flashback

This was supposed to be the first instance of full frontal (well, lateral) nudity in the comic. But then there wasn’t enough room at the top of the image for a text box. So now it looks like Ayuri is censored. Oh well, I’ll plan these out better in the future.

Well, last Ayuri strip of the the year. Any thoughts on the series so far?

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