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The Ayuri’s budget issues come to a head, as they struggle to make enough to get themselves in the black. We also get to see the events leading up to the launch of the ship.

New mission!

New mission! published on 1 Comment on New mission!

Every once in a while I decide I’ll put different elements on different layers. And then I regret it because of how much longer it takes.

This is the end of chapter 6. I’m honestly behind on my scripting, but I’ll try to have the next chapter at least ready enough for a cover by next week. I might be writing by the seat of my pants, though. (I usually go through three drafts of the entire chapter before the previous one ends.)

Hiring Tanja

Hiring Tanja published on 1 Comment on Hiring Tanja

The first strip I did on my Cintiq. A bit of an adjustment, but I definitely like drawing directly on a screen a lot better.

Also, this started as another random scene I came up with well before I started Ayuri, but it ended up losing most of its original elements (many at the last second.)

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